Today the technology has enhanced users/ entrepreneurs by providing mobility to access and develop projects from anywhere, anytime by providing cloud computing as one major platform.

Technology has facilitated users with everything at their figure tips. Advancement in technology and the way the corporate culture demand remote working is a big reason of cloud computing coming into frame. Everybody has access to their private cloud platform and can work from any corner of the world. This results in 24*7 accessibility which incredibly booms the IT market, as desk and office is nowhere a concern for development.

What is Cloud Computing?

It’s one single platform that can be accessed through the internet over the globe. Through authentication, shared users have full access to the store, develop or view anything which is shared on this platform.

 Did IT affect by Cloud Computing?

Today all small, middle or large corporates are working on the cloud-based platform. Companies run 79 percent of workloads in the cloud out of which 41 percent of the workload in public cloud and 38 percent in private cloud.

Cloud v/s Skills in IT:

The real challenge in 2016 was over the cloud skills workforce. There is a huge gap in the industry when it comes to cloud computing skills. In 2012, when we started working in cloud Academy there was a huge difference in the skill sets required.

Today, the demands for cloud skills is totally a different language altogether but companies are struggling to find the right competencies in the workforce.

This has amazed the employee chuck which is now getting certifications offered by Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud Platform and I’d expect this trend to accelerate in 2017. While companies are looking for professionals that can work in a multi-cloud environment. This has opened a new door for IT experts to grasp new positions with less competition. As far as 2017 trends in cloud computing are concerned, with more certifications available, this will become normal, and we will see Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform get stronger in the certifications market.

As large Enterprise customers are looking for Cloud Platform this will be a new revolution in the industry of technology.