Your critical business information demands protection. It is important to maintain your business data. It is not good to make your clients wait in case of hardware or software failure. Online Backup Services are important for every business. PRO IT Solutions offers the best-in-class online backup services for the protection of your business information. Our backup solutions are affordable, secure and easy to manage.

Well, online backup services are great to protect your data. Your important business files are stored on cloud servers and will never get lost with PRO IT Solutions Online Backup Services . Our IT Company monitors clients’ backups daily to keep their business data safe and secure. No risk of data theft or loss! PRO IT Solutions is a top provider of online data backup in Auckland. We have a pool of IT professionals to back up your data regularly on our cloud servers. Online backup also ensures data integrity against viruses, spam or hacker attacks. With our data backup solutions, you’ll be able to retrieve your files in case they are deleted by mistake. Our Keyword City State are specially designed to offer the 100% security for your priceless business information.

Benefits of Online Backup Services

  • Long-Lasting: External hardware has a short life span. CDs and DVDs are subject to wear and tear and can fail at any point. Hardware is quite costly and lasts for a limited period of time. So, online data backup services are of crucial for every business.
  • More Frequent: Considering a person or hardware device for backup is risky. In-person backup solutions are less frequent. Our Keyword City State monitor critical business files, back up and protect them.
  • Maximum Security: Keep in mind that there is less security in case of external data storage. Backup tapes, CDs or DVDs can be stolen or destroyed. It is a wise decision to consider online data backup services to protect your business critical data.
  • Less Costly: Backing up data through offsite data centers can be costly. Our Keyword City State save your time and money.

Features of Online Backup Services


  • Centralized Management: System administrators must be able to backup servers and workstations from a single console online.
  • Cost Effectiveness: Today, businesses are looking to shift from capital expenditures to operational costs. So, online server backup online is preferred over traditional backup systems.
  • Virtualized Environment Support: Make sure your online backup service supports the latest technology.
  • Top-Notch Security: Online data/server backup service ensures the highest level of security.
  • Quick and Efficient Recovery: A good online backup service will allow you to get back the important business files, folders or an entire server quickly.

What We offer?

  • Business Continuity
  • Virtualization Assessment
  • Physical to Virtual Migrations
  • Virtual to Virtual Migrations
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Desktop Virtualization
  • Backups
  • Storage design
  • Deployment & support
  • Virtualization Optimization & Tuning
  • Virtualization Architecture & Designs
  • Automation


Why PRO IT Solutions For Online Backup Services ?

  • 24/7 support
  • Multiple data centers
  • Assisted setup & installation
  • Peace of mind
  • Customizable solutions
  • Secure and scalable solutions

Are you confident that your important business data is safe and secure? Our online data backup service delivers the maximum data security that blends remote backup and offsite storage into a single automated step. Contact our IT professionals to avail the best-in-class Online Backup Services We understand our clients’ business needs and offer the reliable online data backup solutions to keep their business information safe and secure. Count on us to achieve your data security and back objectives at an affordable price!